Gerry Davis archive interviews on the DWAS

Any consideration of the Second Doctor must come to the reasonable conclusion that Cybermen are his key nemesis, as suggested in my post What did the Second Doctor ever do for the Show? It’s a short step then to considering the impact of Kit Pedler (left in photo) on Doctor Who, but let’s not forget Gerry Davis (right). The picture shows them working on Doomwatch, but first (and for Red Rocket Rising purposes, foremost) they worked on Doctor Who.

Pedler & Davis

If you search around, you might come to the conclusion it’s all about Kit Pedler. To redress that balance I’d like to point to two pieces available (for free) from the DWAS archives.

First up is this dated 2009: Gerry Davis. Not the longest read ever, but interesting nonetheless.

Second is a scan of a typed article from 1982: Interview – Gerry Davis It covers similar ground, but is also worth a read.

Please let me know of any others I should mention, and point me at similar for Kit Pedler. Thanks in advance!

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