Legacy: Bigger on the Inside Chapter 1. Some thoughts…

Doctor Who Legacy Bigger on the InsideSo, Tiny Rebel Games has managed to piece together everything I don’t like about their game into one premium level. Yes, despite George Mann’s writing (what little there is) Bigger on the Inside Chapter 1 is not for me.

I am happy to not be target audience; I am less happy at how little there is keeping me interested in this game. What happened to the core ambition? Meanwhile…

Bigger on the Inside Chapter 1

So, what don’t I like? Here’s a list:

  • 8-bit, pixelated art work
  • Costumes as rewards
  • Pre-canned levels with fixed (and small) teams

It may be my ageing eyesight, but on my iPad and Android phone they are a pain to look at. I don’t get any special enjoyment from playing them.

As to costumes, I do like some art, I have liked some previous costumes. I do rather begrudge spending some money on lots of boring levels just to get pixelated outfits I won’t use. There’s only one companion reward and I have no vested interest in them (they are from a new comic), and their power doesn’t suit my style of play.

I most dislike the levels with fixed characters. Even worse are tiny teams. My style might be lazy (lots of colour changes and some specials), but so far (I have played a dozen levels) each level is a dull slog with no excitement.

There you have it. No doubt I am in a minority!

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  1. Ian McArdell says:

    I’m relatively new to the game, but I too don’t ‘get’ the pixilated bits. Mind you, I’ve plenty of time to spend on the main game – I’m only on chapter 2!


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