Destiny of the Doctor – titles revealed

Given that Destiny of the Doctor titles are still emerging, and Jonathan Morris just tweeted a reference, I thought I would keep a list of them as they appear. I won’t insult readers by listing the Doctors but I will try and get the titles and authors as soon as. Update – August 15 2013 – all covers now revealed!

DWM #469 revealed the titles so a major update to the table followed

The Titles

1Hunters of EarthNigel RobinsonCarole Anne Ford and Tam Wiliams
2Shadow of DeathSimon GuerrierFrazer Hines and Evie Dawnay
3Vengeance of the StoneAndrew SmithRichard Franklin and Trevor Littledale
4BabblesphereJonathan MorrisLalla Ward and Rogerr Parrott
5Smoke and MirrorsSteve LyonsJanet Fielding and Tim Beckmann
6Trouble in ParadiseNev FountainNicola Bryant and Cameron Stewart
7ShockwaveJames SwallowSophie Aldred and Ian Brooker
8Enemy AliensAlan BarnesIndia Fisher and Michael Maloney
9Night of the WhisperCavan Scott and Mark WrightNick Briggs and John Schwab
10Death’s DealDarren JonesCatherine Tate and Duncan Wisbey
11The Time MachineMatt FittonJenna Louise-Coleman with Nick Briggs and Michael Cochrane

6 thoughts on “Destiny of the Doctor – titles revealed

  1. The 8th Doctor one is Charley, is it not? Michael Maloney is the second reader. I’d suspect that that’s probably hte case with the 9th Doctor one too – the main reader hasn’t been announced yet, and Nick Briggs is the second one.


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