Eleventh Doctor Chronicles go full cast

Still no sign of Matt Smith coming to Big Finish, but good news for Eleventh Doctor fans as Big Finish announces another set of Eleventh Doctor Chronicles. Whats more this time they go full cast.

Black Archive #44 — The Pandorica Opens

Obverse Books has kindly provided details for Black Archive #44 — The Pandorica Opens. It’s available now and written by Philip Bates, co-founder of The Doctor Who Companion. Full details from the press release below.

Doctor Who Short Trips – The Infinite Today review

The 2020 run of Short Trips kicked off with Sharon Bidwell’s first Big Finish story – The Infinite Today. Clearly a riff on Groundhog Day, Katy Manning performs this Jo Grant and Eleventh Doctor story. Nick Briggs takes the director’s seat and it runs at around 45 minutes.

What did the Radio Times make of the Eleventh Doctor?

November. Eleventh month, Eleventh Doctor. Simple really. For me (and it’s boring I know) modern Doctor Who peaked with the Tenth Doctor. This doesn’t mean no other stories were worthwhile, far from it. It’s just my view. As you’ll see (if you carry on) I liked a lot of the Eleventh Doctor. Let’s dig a…

Doctor Who’s diamond anniversary discussed

I was more downbeat than normal with my recent post Doctor Who has peaked – so what? I do think I time will come when the show has a break from TV (and not just the odd year we already get), but I also do think we will make the sixtieth anniversary in 2023. Yes,…

Doctor Who has peaked – so what?

I got drawn (slightly) into one of those pointless on-line arguments where one persons shouts and the other tries to be rational. Waste of time. A certain kind of argument has been used by fans for years: the show is failing, it’s all because of XXX, we should sack XXX and do XXXX. My position…

Black Archive 2019/20 schedule announced

Thanks to the Doctor Who Companion, we have details of the Black Archive range from Obverse Books stretching into 2020. Full details here: 2019/2020 SCHEDULE ANNOUNCED FOR OBVERSE BOOKS’ THE BLACK ARCHIVE. I’d just like to highlight a couple of these…

Big Finish Tenth and Eleventh Doctor sale

Series 11 may be over, but you can still grab a Big Finish bargain in the final special offer sale: THIRTEENTH DOCTOR SPECIAL OFFERS WEEK 10. A range of goodies, including Lady Christina and Jenny! — Message Ends —

Eleventh Doctor Chronicles review

The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles gives Jacob Dudman the chance to perform as the Eleventh Doctor in four hour-long audio dramas. They are in the Companion Chronicles format, meaning (generally) narrative and a second actor to flesh out the story. Under the watchful ear of director Helen Goldwyn, Jacob does (another) great job in recreating a modern incarnation of the…

Target: The Day of the Doctor review

Steven Moffat’s contribution to the first set of new series Doctor Who Target novelisations is his anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor. This is far more than an adaptation of the script, it is a telling of events from many angles and plays with the form of the novel. If you’re a hard-core Moffat fan you will…

The Eleventh Hour for the Black Archive

The Black Archive welcomes Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor in their nineteenth release, Eleventh Hour. It’s the third Black Archive for the prolific Jon Arnold who also did Rose and Scream of the Shalka. At 110 pages, it explores the relaunch of the new series under Steven Moffatt, and is available now in paperback or electronic formats. *** Message Ends…

Churchill Years Volume 2 review

I enjoyed the second (and overdue?) set of Churchill stories from Big Finish, and wrote a review for CultBox: Doctor Who: The Churchill Years Volume 2 review. I feel there’s a lot more this series could deliver, and it could even cross over into earlier Doctors. Let’s keep our fingers crossed! +++ Message Ends +++