Fan week #1 for Doctor Who Legacy

Legacy Titan Twelfth DoctorIn what is promisingly named Fan Area Appreciation Week #1, there will be plenty of treats for anyone who has unlocked the Fan Area. The week starts in the evening Pacific Time, Wednesday 21st January (I expect 6 am Thursday 22nd UK time). All is revealed in the weekly newsletter.

There are 150% rewards on experience and time fragment drops. There are new costumes for the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors (see the picture) and a new ally – the ARC from the Titan Comics Eleventh Doctor strips. There’s also a bonus sale of time crystals.

In other news the new expert Rose power and colour is confirmed – its called Bad Wolf and primary colour is red. She arrives soon. There’s also a reminder to pick up the costumes for the Fourth Doctor and Rory the centurion.

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