Thirteenth Doctor Puppet comes to Titan (Comics)

I’m not a huge fan of Doctor Who comics, but Titan Comics deserve some congratulations for their first foray into the world of the Thirteenth Doctor. They’ve commissioned thirteen variant covers, including one with a thirteenth Doctor Puppet! The details of this release are here: Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #1. ### Message Ends ###

Massive Humble Bundle on Doctor Who comics for Children in Need!

Over on Humble Bundle there’s a massive set of Doctor Who comics available, across all Doctors and it’s for Children in Need. The dearest purchase of under £14 gets you everything, including some Thirteenth Doctor wallpaper and something new from Paul Cornell called In Between Times a never before seen First Doctor story. The sale expires around October 10, 2018: HUMBLE COMICS…

Doctor Who Comics Day – July 9, 2016

If comics are your thing, you should be aware of the next Titan Comics Doctor Who Comic Day. This year it is Saturday July 9 and there are lots of events, details here: DOCTOR WHO COMICS DAY. Top is Cavan Scott and George Mann signing the new Supremacy of the Cybermen at Forbidden Planet, London. Enjoy! /// Message…

John Barrowman writes new Titan Torchwood comics

Several reports today (including this from Bleeding Cool) giving the news John Barrowman is co-writing a set of Torchwood comics for Titan. These will be available from July and John wrote these with his sister Carole, drawn by Antonio Fuso. I never got the last set of comics (and I am sure they are around somewhere, and may…

Prisoners of Time reviewed on Starburst

I took a look at the re-issue of the Titan Comics 50th anniversary collection Prisoners of Time on Starbust. I hadn’t read them at the time and the 300 page story isn’t bad though I have had my fill of multi-Doctor extravaganzas. The review is: DOCTOR WHO PRISONERS OF TIME OMNIBUS. [:- Message Ends -:]

Titan Four Doctors #3 review on Starburst

I reviewed the third of Paul Cornell’s Titan Comics summer special over on Starburst. This is much better than the first instalment, and recommended for all comic fans. The review is: DOCTOR WHO: FOUR DOCTORS #3. [-] Message Ends [-]

Titan Comics Four Doctors #1 reviewed on Starburst

I had a look at the first of the Titan Comics Four Doctors event series for summer 2015. Written by Paul Cornell I really liked the first half (the War Doctor sequence on Marinus) but felt the multi-Doctor second half was not as strong. The review is: FOUR DOCTORS #1. ||- Message Ends -||

Doctor Who Comics Day 2015

So, August 15th was Doctor Who Comic Day 2015. I have to admit this almost escaped my attention though I’m glad I spotted it. There is a dedicated website: Doctor Who Comics Day that sets out events including a set of twitter questions for the always interesting Paul Cornell.

The pick of the Titan 8th Doctor comic covers

If you are into comics, you will have almost certainly picked up on the news of a series of Eighth Doctor comics written by George Mann. Thanks to Kasterborous, I now know there are three variant covers, and I have to say I prefer the photo cover (shown) to the ubiquitous artwork cover used in most…

Fan week #1 for Doctor Who Legacy

In what is promisingly named Fan Area Appreciation Week #1, there will be plenty of treats for anyone who has unlocked the Fan Area. The week starts in the evening Pacific Time, Wednesday 21st January (I expect 6 am Thursday 22nd UK time). All is revealed in the weekly newsletter.

The Titan Legacy synchronicity

In a strange synchronicity (coincidence even) no sooner have I reviewed the Titan Comics in which Gabby is introduced, when today’s Doctor Who Legacy advent level is Tenth Doctor Titan Adventures.

Tenth Doctor Titan Comics 1 – 5 reviewed

I reviewed the fist five Tenth Doctor Titan Comics over on Starburst – DOCTOR WHO: TENTH DOCTOR VOL 1, ISSUES 1 – 5. I think I preferred the Eleventh Doctor set – these are quite a different beast. -+- Message Ends -+-