The Genesis of Terror collection – some details

If you’re interested in somewhere to write Doctor Who fan-fiction, the latest Divergent Wordsmiths project: The Genesis of Terror might be worth checking out.It’s billed as:

…an alternate look into the events of the Fourth Doctor serial Genesis of the Daleks. Before the Doctor and his two companions are spirited away to Skaro, before a cloaked representative of the Time Lords was even briefed, there were the Celestial Intervention Agency. The Janus-faced shadow arm of the High Council, tasked with maintaining the Web of Time at all costs, they foresaw the dominating power of the Daleks and decided on a course of action. To enact the annihilation or manipulation of the entire Dalek race through means inscrutable and acts wholly deniable.

But who to dispatch? Or moreover perhaps, who should have been dispatched?

This collection will explore a series of “What if?” projections where other characters from the Doctor Who universe (and perhaps beyond) were sent in the Doctor’s place.

Submission guidelines can be found here, first drafts October 31, 2018 and all the details are there.

Good luck!

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