The Dearth of the Daleks

It’s widely reported there will be no Daleks in the next series of Doctor Who. Instead, Chris Chibnall is focussed on making this a new jumping on point for fans. I understand the desire and let’s be honest, Steven Moffat didn’t really use the Daleks that much (or even that well, depending on your perspective). It’s interesting to compare to Russell T Davies who was very keen to get the Daleks into the first series of the relaunched show, and had to invent the Toclafane as an emergency replacement in case of licence issues. There’s any number of other aliens I would like to see used more, the Ice Warriors being main among them, though a Yeti comeback would be welcome.

Aliens would generally be less interested in the Doctor’s gender change, which I do see as a good reasons to have them. Imagine some Daleks / Cybermen trying to understand why a female Doctor is of great interest to Osgood or River Song?! There must also be space for a regenerated Missy or whatever gender to compare notes with Whittaker’s Doctor. Eventually it would miss the point I feel, and to return to the original theme, I suspect Daleks might return in series 2. or perhaps we’ll get some for Christmas!

Who knows?!

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