So, just Who is the Ruth Doctor?

We’ve all got plenty of questions after watching Fugitive of the Judoon, but surely topmost is the conundrum of just who is Jo Martin’s character. This is going to have to be pretty spoiler packed I’m afraid, so make sure you’ve watched the episode! I’m going to look at the evidence, the ‘facts’ and try to apply some logic. I’m sure I’ll miss something, but the exercise will be fun! I wasn’t even close with my guesses for this episode!

Who is Jo Martin’s Doctor?

First is she the Doctor? Evidence suggests yes:

  • DNA matches the Thirteenth Doctor
  • She has a TARDIS that looks like a police box (but is it the TARDIS?)
  • The Judoon and the Doctor all think she’s the Doctor.

Unless a lot of lying is going on, Jo Martin is the Doctor! Wow! But which one?

Logically the options are:

  • An earlier but forgotten incarnation
  • A future incarnation with memory loss (or lying)
  • A parallel world / alternate timeline Doctor
  • A clone or other copy (magic?)

I’ll cover the bases on these but I can only come up with two theories, the ultra-geeky or the mad!

What do we know?

  • She can fly the TARDIS
  • Her TARDIS looks like a police box – if the same one she must be post-Hartnell
  • She doesn’t recognise the sonic.

To me also her TARDIS felt old-school and I liked it for that. I’m drifting towards earlier incarnation. But which?

Well, the only regeneration we never saw led to the Third Doctor. There are all sorts of series 6B rumours. What if this Doctor fits between Troughton and Pertwee?

Maybe she helps the CIA out on all kinds of missions (and the wonderful Gat could easily be CIA) and her memory gets wiped on regeneration into the long-known-as Third Doctor?

The idea of parallel world / alternate timelines is a good possibility, and might be the simplest option. It’s also a bit of a cop-out but I can imagine it happening.

Now for my mad theory…

The Sisterhood of Karn copied the Doctor during Night of the Doctor to make the War Doctor and kept a copy. This copy became the Ruth Doctor! IK she needs a TARDIS but why not steal another? I told you it was mad!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

[Update 20 Jan 2020] Here’s a theory by Doctor Who expert JR Southall:

Neil Stuke is the first Master, and Jo Martin is the first Doctor. After they discover the Time Lords’ darkest secret, they go on the run to Earth and their TARDIS gets stuck as a Police Box. But the Time Lords catch up to them, and repatriate them to Gallifrey, wiping their memories when they do. The Police Box TARDIS goes in for repair, but the newly regenerated “first” Doctor escapes and leaves again, in the not-yet-repaired TARDIS (thanks Clara) which turns back into a Police Box at the first opportunity and heads straight back to Earth, with the Master in disguise as the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan by his side.

I thought my ideas were extreme!

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    At the moment my money’s on “She’s inbetween the second and third Doctors” too. There’s so much potential there! I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens next.

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    1. Tony Jones says:

      Thanks for coming by!


      1. Dang, I tried to reblog this but it wouldn’t post on my blog, gah! I Shared it instead with my thought. I have terrible trouble with the reblog function so hopefully that hasn’t affected this post in any way.

        But my gosh, I am so excited about this season!

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