All change in the TARDIS for series 13?

We know Jodie will be back as the Thirteenth Doctor for series 13 of Doctor Who but are Ryan, Graham and Yaz going to be with her? Evidence is starting to suggest maybe not…

Is it time for farewells?

I’ve said in most of my reviews for series 12 so far we aren’t getting enough from the companions. Graham seems down a gear, Yaz has some doubts (possibly) and there seems to be no story. The second-half trailer (as analysed here on the Doctor Who Companion) points to doubts expressed between Ryan and Yaz.

We also know Tosin Cole has a new major role in a two-season Netflix series. Bradley Walsh’s CV suggests he is doing series 13 and it seems Mandip Gill may have something else happening (or it could have been filmed in 2019). Her CV only has her down for two series of Doctor Who.

If they all go it’s a bit of an admission of failure to give them meaning (in my view without seeing the rest of series 12) and a Graham + Doctor dynamic (or Yaz + Doctor) could be interesting. Then again they could leave but pop back for an episode or two – RTD did the same after all.

More as this develops…

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