Will any of the companions survive the Timeless Children?

There’s a sense of doom lingering over the end of Doctor Who series 12. Cybermen. The Master. Gallifrey in ruins. Mystery after mystery. Humanity reduced to all but nothing. Then there’s Graham, Yaz and Ryan. Will they get caught in the crossfire or will they survive The Timeless Children? Even so, will they ever travel in the TARDIS again? I have some views…

Companions to the end?

Bottom line – I don’t believe we shall see the three companions in series 13. We already know Tosin Cole (Ryan) has a big role in a new NetFlix series.

I’ll take them in order.

Graham and Ryan

Although Bradley Walsh’s CV suggests he is doing series 13, I am not convinced. I always felt his story (and to a large extent Ryan’s) ran its course in series 11. He lost Grace, he started to deal with grief and built a relationship with Ryan. Maybe it only works when they travel with the Doctor but it did feel finished. I do feel Graham is the best realised of all the companions and I’d rather he was around but I don’t think he will be. Ryan also started to get to know his father in series 11 and in Can You Hear Me? we learned how he is missing his normal life and friends.

I think Graham will leave with Ravio and Ryan will keep them company.


We’ve started to learn more about Yaz and it feels more real than series 11 revelations. She has a darker past (from Can You Hear Me?) and possibly is attracted to the Doctor (we’ve had a couple of hints). She has also become reckless (Praxeus). My view is she either dies nobly or stays. Nothing in the middle.

What do you think? Let me know!

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