And then there was one?

It’s widely reported (so must be true!) Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole will leave Doctor Who after Revolution of the Daleks (eg the Metro: Doctor Who’s Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole ‘quit series and will leave at Christmas’. I’ve been predicting this for a while even if I thought the change would happen during Sunday’s episode. That leaves (we believe) just Yaz and whoever joins (if anyone). I’m very pro this as I’ll explain…

Three’s a Crowd

Crowded TARDIS is hard to make work (see the Fifth Doctor), and while there have been moments with the Thirteenth Doctor they companions have mostly had little to do.

In narrative terms I would have had Graham and Ryan leave at the end of series 11 as they’d bonded and started to come to terms with Grace’s death. It doesn’t help that Bradley Walsh’s character was the best realised of all the new characters (less true now of Jodie Whittaker in recent episodes).

In series 12 there’s been nothing new for Graham and Ryan to do. Yaz has bits of backstory coming out and a reckless streak. There’s hints of something unsaid (unlike last season when her mother asked) about her desire to please / impress the Doctor. She (Yaz) also has unexplored commitments to the police.

My preference would be to have just Yaz for a series, or most of it. This would let the writers explore a new dynamic for the actors and characters. One thing’s for sure – everything changes!

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