Is Sharon D Clarke the new Missy?

The BBC has finally announced the new format episodes for series 11, Bradley Walsh and more: Meet the cast on the all new series of Doctor Who!. We are told a few things but not everything. Bradley Walsh is playing Graham, Tosin Cole plays Ryan and Mandip Gill plays Yasmin. No more than that. No sense of how many episodes, will they overlap, who are they…

It’s a diverse mix, I personally hope they aren’t all contemporary, but let’s wait and see. We also learn of Sharon D Clarke playing a returning role. Who is she playing?

Sharon D Clarke

With no name, my first thought is the new Missy, but I wonder if she is a wholly new character. We have no character name, so its either recognisable (like Missy, the Monk…) or so alien it would spoil a reveal. Perhaps she’s playing Susan? (I rule out River Song).


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  1. Sofia Sousa says:

    I think it’s missy too.


    1. Tony Jones says:

      Not many months to wait now;-) Thanks for dropping by Sofia


  2. Ranvil says:

    It obviously missy. A recurring role with a new actor? Only two roles in Doctor Who can do that, The Doctor and The Master/Missy. Also it’s logical, Chibnall took the big step and made the Doctor female, The Master had already been made female so what next ‘inclusion’ step could he make? No point making her gay as the time lords seem to be asexual, so it has to be black. Makes sense. Don’t know what kind of actor Sharon’s like as I don’t watch soaps but I hope she doesn’t play it as over the top as the last one.


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