Celestial Toyroom 503 now out

Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) members should watch their mail – the latest issue of Celestial Toyroom is now out. Complete with rather attractive silurian themed cover there’s the usual packed set of articles on all things Who.

Celestial Toyroom 503 contents

The articles include:

  • The Silurians – The Various Returns of Earth’s Original Tenants (hence the cover)
  • Monstrous Motives – Winifred Gillyflower
  • Unit Recalled!
  • The Wright Stuff – Interview
  • Too PC or Not PC?
  • Holiday Who
  • The Screaming Jungle
  • Whom?
  • Colour Cover

The Wright Stuff is a good interview with Mark Wright and the letters page (Screaming Jungle) is full of positive reaction to Fugitive of the Judoon.

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