Does the Chibnall Masterplan explain why the Master hates the Doctor?

Yes more clickbait! Actually I’m trying to think through what we know of the Chibnall Masterplan and how it might be used in context of part of Doctor Who history. I’ve thought about why the Doctor left Gallifrey, now another long-standing theme – why does the Master hate the Doctor? Is it instinct? Is it envy or is it just experience?

I have some thoughts…

What motivates the Master?

While I can see why the Chibnall Masterplan drives the Doctor to be dissatisfied, I’m less sure about the Master. It would be fascinating to see the Master, Rani and Doctor at the Academy. Does the Master struggle to be the leader of such a group? He’s better academically than the Doctor, perhaps (but perhaps not the Rani) but even so something about the Doctor frustrates him.

Until now we assumed the Doctor’s continual disruption of his plans led to enmity, but what if it was more. Even if the Doctor’s true nature was hidden, I very much think a couple of Time Lords made sure things kept his life safe to avoid triggering buried memories. This may have been subtle but the Master may have subconsciously sensed something, maybe resented the way the Doctor seemed to get better treatment or seemed luckier.

I think there’s potential here – let me know what you think in the comments.

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