Doctor Who: I Am The Master coming in November

I Am The Master

If you enjoyed The Missy Chronicles or just want a set of short stories about the Master in many of his/her incarnations, you’ll want to know about a new book. Available November 2020, I Am The Master (Legends of the Renegade Time Lord) has stories from Peter Anghelides, Mark Wright, Mike Tucker, Beverley Sanford, Matthew Sweet and Jac Rayner.

I Am The Master

The synopsis is:

Everything you think you know…is a lie.

The Doctor and the Master; their conflict of light and dark has spanned many times and faces across the universe. This collection – of five short stories and a novella – explores the depths of darkness in the Master’s hearts; the arch-schemer’s secrets and sinister ambitions revealed through brand new adventures and encounters.

Join six incarnations of evil for undreamed of adventures: a quest to free alien warlords… a dangerous mission to save a vital ally… a meeting with Bram Stoker… a shattering of lives on a distant world… a trial of wits to gain untold power… and drop in on the Master’s latest incarnation during his 77 years of imprisonment on Earth.

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