Class: Nightvisiting review

With the third episode of the first series of Class, writer Patrick Ness focusses on Tanya (Vivian Oparah) in Nightvisiting. My favourite episode so far, a lot to enjoy and many of the regulars get something relevant to do without feeling forced. It’s a better made piece of TV than the previous two episodes and genuinely spooky….

Halloween update for Doctor Who Legacy

The latest Tiny Rebel Games newsletter promises us a Halloween level, some Halloween gem skins and a Davros costume for the Twelfth Doctor. Behind the scenes we are due a new client to resolve some backup problems and the end of  the FaceBook version. I wonder when we will get some Class characters? I predict sooner than later! ???…

Class: The Coach With… review

The second episode of Class was released online at the same time as For Tonight We Might Die…  and again Patrick Ness is the writer for The Coach With the Dragon Tattoo. No sign of the Doctor, instead our teen heroes and warrior teacher Miss Quill have to deal with the aftermath of the prom and a new challenge. It…

Class: For Tonight We Might Die… review

So, let’s all get on and enjoy the lives we have, For Tonight We Might Die… Class is here, and I for one think (despite things I will criticise) it made a good start and I was mostly gripped. I’m keen to see the second episode and think it holds promise.

Class is not mini Doctor Who

As part of the pre-launch publicity for Class, the Radio Times has gone behind the scenes. Not all of this is new stuff, but I do like the point made lower down about the show’s identity. Only a couple of days to wait but I remain optimistic. +++ Message Ends +++

Class is looking good

So, with only eight days to go until the first two episodes of Class are online (10 am, Saturday 22nd October UK time). Katherine Kelly is already shining as Miss Quill, and indeed drinking a cup of what looks like tea! If you watch the trailer there’s plenty of action and character and the show doesn’t need…

Three Class books announced

So, BBC 3 will start letting us see Class from October 22, 2016 and a few days later (October 27) we can also buy some Class books. Does this mean we might get some class audios from the BBC at some point? Can we already start wondering when Big Finish will get the license?

Expanded Cultbox Katherine Kelly is the Doctor piece

No sooner had I posted my off-the-wall idea about Katherine Kelly (What if Katherine Kelly…) than CultBox asked if they could run with it. The world needs more entertainment, though already a commenter has expressed their own opinion. The piece is: ‘Class’ speculation: What if Katherine Kelly is playing a future Doctor? +++ Message Ends +++

Katherine Kelly leads the Class

The BBC has announced casting details (and a bit more) for new Doctor Who spin-off Class. Centre stage is a new teacher played by Katherine Kelly (pictured). Katherine has appeared in many recent dramas (Happy Valley, Night Manager, Mr Selfridge) but I am most familiar with her work from a period of watching Coronation Street some years ago, where she…

Eighth Doctor Lost Adventures TV Series

To be filed under if only or maybe rerun for the next April Fool’s Day is the fan idea (on FaceBook) of a new spin-off the BBC could have announced instead of Class. From Marc Atkinson (with JR Southall) comes the idea of a new Eighth Doctor series! If only! <== Message Ends ==>

New Doctor Who spin-off Class announced

A surprise announcement of a new Doctor Who spin-off series; no, not The Paternoster Gang but a show called Class set in Coal Hill School. The project is the creation of Patrick Ness (see picture, and blog) who also wrote the Fifth Doctor Puffin story Tip of the Tongue (review here). The announcement is on the BBC website, and the show will…