Class: Nightvisiting review

class-jasper-kobna-holdbrook-smithWith the third episode of the first series of Class, writer Patrick Ness focusses on Tanya (Vivian Oparah) in Nightvisiting. My favourite episode so far, a lot to enjoy and many of the regulars get something relevant to do without feeling forced. It’s a better made piece of TV than the previous two episodes and genuinely spooky. Not a bad treat for Halloween weekend!


There’s still a slight tendency to over-provide exposition such as April having a piece of music entitled Nightvisiting on a music stand and then explaining the folk music link later. At least Ram has the sense to complain about too much information!

Pulling back to the beginning, the opening sequence gives all the backstory on Tanya we need over more than three minutes thirty seconds, only one word of dialogue (Daddy) and all before the opening music. Good stuff.

Back to Coal Hill and another horror has crept through the crack in the universe but this is targetting people personally and appealing to their best instincts to gain its ends. Of course they are a baddy as we can tell from how they look, which is perhaps simplistic. We also get confirmation if we had any doubt in a scene where Ram and April see what’s really happening.

[pullquote]What do I know?![/pullquote]

Miss Quill has some good scenes (and backstory) and Ram also spends time with April, getting close and hearing of the bad relationship with her father, no doubt setting up subsequent two-parter. In terms of relationships, Charlie and Matteusz get physical and April and Ram are also getting close. Personally I hope April and Ram end up in a brother/sister/friends relationship; I see why April likes Ram but feel they would benefit from a less physically intimate relationship. What do I know?!

Centre stage though is Tanya and her relationship with her dead father, Jasper (Kobna Holdbrook-Smith) and much as I think there are many good performances, Kobna’s is the most impressive by far.

There are quibbles; why did no neighbouring area spot what was going on, what about the hundreds of CCTV cameras everywhere (including in school) and why is there no evidence of evil (apart from am a few more missing people)? Being rational it’s a bit irritating, but it does make for good stories.

Three episodes in and I’m enjoying Class; what do you think? Let me know!

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