Class: The Coach With… review

ram-class-coach-with-the-dragon-tatooThe second episode of Class was released online at the same time as For Tonight We Might Die…  and again Patrick Ness is the writer for The Coach With the Dragon TattooNo sign of the Doctor, instead our teen heroes and warrior teacher Miss Quill have to deal with the aftermath of the prom and a new challenge.

It was good if much more reflective than the opener, something not everyone might like.

The Dragon Tattoo

There were three main strands to this episode: Ram dealing with loss, more bloody death, and a school inspector. To the side of this the others get to help out and Tanya is a little bit geeky in trying to hack into UNIT. I do hope UNIT make some appearance in an episode (the finale?) but this is all an aside.

Ram (Fady Elsayed) is the most damaged (emotionally and physically) from the prom and is trying to reconstruct his life. In doing so he intersects the latest alien infestation when sneaking out for a cigarette. The story gives him some catharsis but also takes away his membership of the football team. With his new leg he can’t find his form. What is nice, though, is the way he builds bridges with his father as a result of needing to share his experiences.

The bloody death is very bloody, and helps make this unsuitable for a younger audience. I found it unnecessary and punctuating every conversation with alien monster turns up and eats somebody leaving a bloody mess is going to get boring. The plot when we understood the details was solid and Ram had a strong moment when he made a speech to the dragon in defiance of the threat of death.

To lighten the mood Miss Quill has to deal with a strange school inspector. I won’t spoil it but just mention the governors who seem to have sent him to assess Miss Quill. Something is going on, but please let it not be a huge arc.

Overall I enjoyed it even if I preferred the first episode. I’m glad it focussed on Ram, I just need the body count reduced. Count me in for next week’s episode!

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