Class: Brave-ish heart review

class-april-and-ramPatrick Ness keeps up the good work in Class: Brave-ish Heart and hearts are very much a theme with the word being used in almost every scene. To recap the first part, Co-owner of a Lonely Heart, April has gained amazing powers and needs to go to fight the Shadowkin; her father appeared, her mother got changed and she and Ram became lovers.

Meanwhile alien petals are about to destroy the world…

The story

April and Ram are in Mordor the realm of the Shadow Kin beneath the universe to have a battle royal with Corakinus. Back on Earth various parents are getting involved as Miss Quill works to get Charlie to use the ultimate weapon of the Rhodians. New headmistress Dorothea is manipulating everyone as she attempts to save the word from the beautiful yet deadly petals (and cue some bloody scenes very much in the zombie movie mold).

There’s lots of soul-searching dialogue, mostly between Ram and April (as well as April and her father) and in the end April saves the world, but rest assured her life (and indeed Ram’s) will not be unchanged by this. Meanwhile has Miss Quill found a way to get her freedom? It’s all very big picture and moving pieces into place for (I assume) a season finalé.

The storytelling

This episode is particularly self-aware, from the way Ram’s father looks through the fourth wall (so a bunch of children are going to save the world?), to the Frodo joke Ram makes, to Miss Quill’s complaining how much the headmistress knows in so short a time. It’s an interesting approach and makes me wonder what point Patrick Ness is trying to prove.

The dialogue is excellent (Ram talking religion, April and Ram not being in love, April with her father) but I do wince at how long april was allowed to chat in the middle of the arena, and how easy the king was to beat, even just sitting there while she and Ram put the world to rights. The whole story was a little over the top as well, but at least April has lost all her super-powers (for now?)

Direction is good, CGI is as good as budget allows (and better sets I felt this time), and the acting in places is very strong (April (Sophie Hopkins) and Ram (Fady Elsayed) are exceptional). I slightly preferred part 1, but this is still a strong, enjoyable episode.

Roll on next week!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ian McArdell says:

    So, the title – Tegan or Mel Gibson reference? Love your review and I agree, Sophie Hopkins is a bit of wonderful isn’t she!


    1. Tony Jones says:

      Probably both is my guess! I’m really enjoying Class (it has some forgivable flaws) and in some ways it is easier to enjoy than Who


    2. Tony Jones says:

      Your Cultbox review is pretty spot on as well. Great minds!


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