Class: … What Quill Did review

miss-quill-metaphysical-engineSo, week 7 and we find out what Miss Quill while the Class were in detention. With the full title of The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill did, the best we could do was to expect the unexpected. Did Patrick Ness deliver with the latest episode? Short answer: Yes; long answer, read on…

The Metaphysical Engine

We knew the ending: Miss Quill loses the alien creature in her brain. How that happened and where the scar over her eye came from we would find out as events unfolded. Headmistress Dorothea (Pooky Quesnel) turned up dressed for adventure, summoned the shapeshifter Ballon (Chiké Okonkwo) and revealed the metaphysical engine – a device for travelling to possibilities, to meta-worlds. It all seemed very steampunk to me and we were treated to a brief quest as various ideas of heaven were visited. We also gained insight into Dorothea, UNIT get a mention and we learned about the Quill birthing process.

In the end Quill became freed of her burden, there was conflict and plenty of adventure. The one question: what happens next?!

The storytelling

mythic and beautiful
I think Katherine Kelly really shone here and it helped the story not having the rest of the core team. Her performance was less constrained and the whole episode was mythic and beautiful. It may be a little too tidy, and the school governors a little too knowing, but the whole was ideal for growing the character and setting up an ending while leaving threads dangling. There was also the obligatory gory sequence when the surgery happened.

One episode to go, and the rumour is someone (or more) may not survive. I hope Miss Quill makes it through, but perhaps her story now moves away from Coal Hill. What do I know?!

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