Arthur Darvill (c) Big Finish

Arise, Sir Rory!

Big Finish is continuing the somewhat surreal story of Rory Williams in some style with a trip to Camelot. And why not? He’s been reincarnated from nowhere, become an Auton (and then that got forgotten), done Stonehenge and watched a strange alien cube for centuries. Here’s what Big Finish has to say about it…

Peter Davison the Doctor Janet Fielding Tegan George Watkins Marc Sarah Sutton Nyssa And Matthew Waterhouse Adric (c) Big Finish

An unexpected return in the Fifth Doctor Adventures

The Fifth Doctor Adventures: The Lost Resort and Other Stories brings the Fifth Doctor back to his (temporarily) abandoned companions Tegan, Nyssa and new companion Marc… and someone else… The return of Adric? Doctor Who – The Fifth Doctor Adventures: The Lost Resort and Other Stories reunites the Doctor with his companions (last heard in the 2020…

Doctor Who Stranded 2

Doctor Who Stranded 2 review on Cultbox

While I felt Stranded 1 had potential but wasn’t innovative enough in its storytellling, I felt Stranded 2 worked a lot better. It’s more conventional Doctor Who and felt more coherent, though still had some flaws. You can read my thoughts on Cultbox: Doctor Who: Stranded 2 audio drama review. <<| Message Ends |>>