Doctor Who Series 12 – final analysis

With the dust now settled on Doctor Who series 12, I’ve dusted off my spreadsheets and done a little look at how popular it all was according to various metrics. I’m not sure what it all means, but is of some interest. This post is an update of my midway checkpoint.

Paternoster Heritage 3 details released

Big Finish has released details for the May 2020 release Paternoster Heritage 3. Yes, it’s the return of Vastra, Strax and Jenny for three more capers in Victorian London. Remain calm, human scum! Everyone’s favourite Victorian crime-fighting trio are back to solve mysteries, crack cases and, if all else fails, obliterate everything with acid grenades. We even…

Tom Baker and the Return of the Cybermen

Big Finish is to create another Doctor Who Lost Story and this time it’s Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor in Return of the Cybermen. Some details are available and more are promised in the April Doctor Who Magazine. We don’t even have artwork yet, hence the weird version of Revenge of the Cybermen.

Doctor Who: look back at Season 13

While we wait for series 13 of Doctor Who to make its way to our screens (we assume 2021 after the end of year special Revolution of the Daleks) I thought I might pop back to 1975/76. Back to Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor. Back to season 13…