The DWC January 2021 roundup

The Doctor Who Companion has started (what I hope will be) a monthly news round-up post. It’s a great idea, which I can’t be bothered to steal, so will just link to their YOUR MONTHLY DWC ROUND-UP: JANUARY 2021 BRINGS ABOUT A REVOLUTION. +++ Message Ends +++

Cover for 100 Objects of DR WHO

100 Objects of Dr Who

Here’s a thing, Philip Bates (of the Doctor Who Companion) has a new book coming out soon. Published by Candy Jar it’s called 100 Objects of Dr Who. The retro cover is fabulous, and I will be after a review copy;-) There are a lot more details in James Baldock’s piece on the DWC: COMING…

Imagine a total American remake of Doctor Who

Over on The Doctor Who Companion, Rick Lundeen has given his thoughts on what a total remake of Doctor Who might look like were it to be remade. His thoughts are: THE AMERICAN VERSION OF DOCTOR WHO. I didn’t think Rick went far enough with his ideas as you’ll see in the comments. It’s worth…

The Doctor Who Companion is 4

Believe it, or not, The Doctor Who Companion site is four years old. It’s been down for extensive maintenance but is now back up and running. Full details: CELEBRATING 4 YEARS OF THE DOCTOR WHO COMPANION – WITH A NEW LOOK! >– Message Ends –<

The DWC views on Praxeus

As ever, a group of us on The Doctor Who Companion pooled thoughts on Praxeus. I had thought I would be the sole positive voice; as it happens quite a few of us had good things to say. Of course others didn’t! Check it out: HERE’S WHAT THE DOCTOR WHO COMPANION THOUGHT OF PRAXEUS. {{{…