Netflix taking over Doctor Who — my April Fools for the DWC

You might find some amusement in the April Fool story I did for The Doctor Who Companion in which I talk about Netflix taking over the show… It’s here: NETFLIX TO CO-PRODUCE DOCTOR WHO’S 60TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL — THEN TAKE OVER THE FRANCHISE [UPDATED]. I hope it amuses. After all, it could never happen, could…

The DWC January 2021 roundup

The Doctor Who Companion has started (what I hope will be) a monthly news round-up post. It’s a great idea, which I can’t be bothered to steal, so will just link to their YOUR MONTHLY DWC ROUND-UP: JANUARY 2021 BRINGS ABOUT A REVOLUTION. +++ Message Ends +++

100 Objects of Dr Who

Here’s a thing, Philip Bates (of the Doctor Who Companion) has a new book coming out soon. Published by Candy Jar it’s called 100 Objects of Dr Who. The retro cover is fabulous, and I will be after a review copy;-) There are a lot more details in James Baldock’s piece on the DWC: COMING…

Imagine a total American remake of Doctor Who

Over on The Doctor Who Companion, Rick Lundeen has given his thoughts on what a total remake of Doctor Who might look like were it to be remade. His thoughts are: THE AMERICAN VERSION OF DOCTOR WHO. I didn’t think Rick went far enough with his ideas as you’ll see in the comments. It’s worth…

Black Archive #44 — The Pandorica Opens

Obverse Books has kindly provided details for Black Archive #44 — The Pandorica Opens. It’s available now and written by Philip Bates, co-founder of The Doctor Who Companion. Full details from the press release below.

The Doctor Who Companion is 4

Believe it, or not, The Doctor Who Companion site is four years old. It’s been down for extensive maintenance but is now back up and running. Full details: CELEBRATING 4 YEARS OF THE DOCTOR WHO COMPANION – WITH A NEW LOOK! >– Message Ends –<

The DWC writers collective view on Ascension of the Cybermen

If you get to the end of this stark (and largely negative) assessment of Ascension of the Cybermen you’ll see my comment about trying to stay positive. Maybe it will all be wonderful, but a lot of plates are in play for The Timeless Children. Until tonight, here are our views on last week: HERE’S…

The DWC team thoughts on Haunting of Villa Diodati

As ever the team over at The Doctor Who Companion has pooled thoughts about last week’s Haunting of Villa Diodati. My own (very positive) thoughts are here, the team collection is: HERE’S WHAT THE DOCTOR WHO COMPANION THOUGHT OF THE HAUNTING OF VILLA DIODATI.

The DWC collective views on Can You Hear Me?

I wasn’t part of this week’s collective view, but rest assured it’s a good one – HERE’S WHAT THE DOCTOR WHO COMPANION THOUGHT OF CAN YOU HEAR ME? If nothing else do look at James Baldock’s infographic – an idea I will be stealing! My review is here. — Message Ends —

The DWC views on Praxeus

As ever, a group of us on The Doctor Who Companion pooled thoughts on Praxeus. I had thought I would be the sole positive voice; as it happens quite a few of us had good things to say. Of course others didn’t! Check it out: HERE’S WHAT THE DOCTOR WHO COMPANION THOUGHT OF PRAXEUS. {{{…

The DWC’s thoughts on Fugitive of the Judoon

As we are wont to do, writers on The Doctor Who Companion pooled their thoughts on the latest episode of Doctor Who, in this case Fugitive of the Judoon. As ever a wide range of views and I’m towards the more positive. Lots of really good points made and worth a look, as is the…