The DWC reaches Season 10!

Time flies (if that means anything when dealing with Doctor Who!) and the DWC is already up to Season 10 in its scrutiny of the show. It’s Rick Lundeen who guides us through the events of this solid season’s entertainment. It’s all here: REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO SEASON 10 – RETURNS AND FAREWELLS.

Season 10

So it’s everything from hello TARDIS travel in The Three Doctors, along with the First Doctor and Second Doctor up to goodbye Jo Grant in The Green Death.

I like The Three Doctors, need to rewatch Frontier in Space as I only really remember Planet of the Daleks and wasn’t sure about Carnival of Monsters at the time. Really the season (for me) is bookended by two huge stories and Jo leaving seemed really emotional, even to not quite thirteen year old me!

More stories to add to the rewatch list as I look forward to the review of season 11.

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