Radio Times reviews of the Fourth Doctor

If you’ve ever wondered just what the Radio Times thought of Tom Baker’s finest and perhaps not so fine stories, their reviews are all collected on the website, in reverse order starting from Fourth Doctor. It’s everything from Robot (3*) to Logopolis (4*) and all points in-between. I don’t agree with all of them, but…

Sarah Jane Smith considered

The third of the Third Doctor’s on-screen companions (and yes I know the Brig and some UNIT personnel sort-of count) was Sarah Jane Smith. And of course she bridged the gap into the Fourth Doctor‘s era, and had various spin-offs as well. She even managed to meet the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors as well. Busy,…

The Day She Saved The Doctor review

I enjoyed the all-female writer The Day She Saved The Doctor collection for several reasons. It was nice to have Sarah Jane Smith in Jaq Rayner’s story, and to hear new writers Susan Calman and Dorothy Koomson. My review is on Starburst: THE DAY SHE SAVED THE DOCTOR. *** Message Ends ***

The Day She Saved the Doctor

To mark International Women’s Day in March 2018, we have Doctor Who: The Day She Saved the Doctor Four Stories from the TARDIS. Four female authors (see later), four female companions (Sarah-Jane, Rose, Clara and Bill) and available as an audio-book (reader unknown) or book.

The Horror of Coal Hill – free from the BBC

Don’t forget to grab the free short story The Horror of Coal HIll by Gavin Collinson. It’s part of the advent calendar 2017 and has not only the First Doctor, but also Susan, the Third and Sarah Jane Smith! Grab it now before you forget! +++ Message Ends +++

Doctor Who scripts from the BBC

I may have mentioned it before, but there are some scripts for odd episodes of Doctor Who available from the BBC Writers’ Room. There aren’t many, but do include a few titles including Face the Raven (which was originally to be called Trap Street).

Amazing World of Doctor Who cards from Ty-phoo via Vworp Vworp!

I’m in an artwork mood, so here (courtesy of Vworp, Vworp!) is a chance to grab a download of the Ty-phoo 1976 collectors’ cards, including the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, Daleks and Cybermen (of course) and more interestingly Krynoids and Alpha Centauri! There’s a few others as well; if you’re interested, it’s all here: TY PHOO PRESENTS:…

How to Win Planets and Influence People review

Sometimes you have to take your hat off to other writers. In this month’s Short Trips: How to Win Planets and Influence People, James Goss has written a humorous, entertaining Fourth Doctor story for Rufus Hound to read as the Meddling Monk. It’s a great piece, and credit to producer Ian Atkins and director Lisa Bowerman.

Short Trips Collector’s Item review

If you subscribe to the Big Finish main range and your sub includes the March 2017 release Zaltys, please don’t forget to download Paul J Salmoff’s Subscriber Short Trips story Collector’s Item. Stephen Critchlow reads this Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith story and it’s a great piece of entertainment.

The Legacy of Shayde

In the most recent Tiny Rebel Games newsletter is a reveal of three new characters coming to the game to coincide with the 500th issue of Doctor Who Magazine. Two of these I was aware of, the third is Shayde (pictured left in The Stockbridge Horror comic strip). 

The Time Warrior reviewed

Another trip down memory lane as I re-watch The Time Warrior after a mere forty-two years or so have passed! A Robert Holmes story for the Third Doctor, introducing Sarah Jane Smith, the Sontarans and more, what’s not to like? Add Terrance Dicks as script editor and Barry Letts as producer, and the scene is set…

Short Trips Volume III reviewed

In 2010 / 2011, the Doctor Who Short Trips range was a regular (every few months) set of two CDs brimming with short stories read by a range of actors, for all the licensed Doctors and written by a kaleidoscope of writers. For no clear reason, I’ve decided to commence reviews with May 2011 and Short Trips Volume…