How to Win Planets and Influence People review

Short Trips How to Win Planets and Influence PeopleSometimes you have to take your hat off to other writers. In this month’s Short Trips: How to Win Planets and Influence People, James Goss has written a humorous, entertaining Fourth Doctor story for Rufus Hound to read as the Meddling Monk. It’s a great piece, and credit to producer Ian Atkins and director Lisa Bowerman.

Planets and People

James puts the narrative format of the Short Trips range front and centre in a talk presented by The Meddling Monk, author of many best-sellers, including:

  • The 7 Habits of Truly Terrible People
  • Who Moved My Sun?
  • Feel the Fear and Detonate It Anyway
  • The One Million Year Manager
  • Ice Men Are From Mars, Karate Is From Venus.

As Rufus narrates you realise how good a casting decision he has been for his now several Big Finish appearances, and James gets the character of a Time Lord who very much isn’t a cut-down version of the Master, but his own villain in his own right. As the story unfolds Harry Sullivan and Sarah Jane Smith make several appearances and the piece is over before you know it.

As someone who has written for this range, I am tempted to buy a hat just so I can take it off to Mr Goss. A great piece of writing and a stylish production.

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