Doctor Who Short Trips: Best Laid Plans review

December 2019 and the winner of the Paul Spragg opportunity, Ben Tedds, has the pleasure of sharing his Twelfth Doctor story Best Laid Plans with the world. Don’t forget this is free and you’ve no excuse not to give it a listen. It’s also rather good…

Best Laid Plans

It’s a great premise:

Dracksil Forg sells ideas. For the right price, he’s got a solution to every possible problem. His reputation is impeccable, and whilst his ideas aren’t flawless, he has a 100% money-back guarantee.

Dracksil has started selling to a new type of customer. They are dictators, warlords; species having trouble conquering galaxies or controlling populations. However, for these clients, Dracksil’s ideas keep falling apart.

There’s something that unites these failing ideas. A name, screamed and whispered angrily among the rants of Dracksil’s new clientele: the Doctor, the Doctor, the Doctor…

It’s also a fun story as we learn how Dracksil slipped into solving problems for anybody, regardless of who they are as long as they have money. It all unravels when the Doctor gets involved and slowly the inevitable showdown happens and Dracksill has to use one of his own solutions; the problem then is which does he choose?

It’s an intriguing, quirky tale, and while I got distracted wondering just how Dracksil did what he did, perhaps it’s best left unexplained. It would probably dilute the effect of this comical tale and Jacob Dudman brings the Twelfth Doctor to life with aplomb.

Do listen!

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