Other views on Praxeus

I seem to be out of kilter again. My thoughts on Praxeus where far more positive than most others. I still feel it has some good points even if not classic. I recognise most of the comments in the Doctor Who Companion piece, but was more charitable towards them. My benchmark is Orphan 55, which I still feel was much worse than this.

Doing the rounds with Praxeus

The Radio Times really didn’t like it: Doctor Who Praxeus review: a mystery with no tension, it dots about all over the world with an air of enervation. I had to look up enervation – it means drained of energy.

Den of Geek were more neutral in their piece: Doctor Who series 12 episode 6 review: Praxeus though struggled with the amount of exposition we had.

Final the Doctor Who Companion: REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO – PRAXEUS. It’s a longer, well-considered piece. I’m interested in other views on where Yaz is going. I feel there is something wrong we’ve yet to understand and a destiny awaits her; if you assume it’s all just poor writing, I get why people wouldn’t be impressed.

I also seem to be one of the few who found the make/ special effects of the skin infection to be rather creepy. Maybe that tells you more about me than I realise! It also tells me if the story grabs me early, I’m more likely to be forgiving of its many faults.

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