Jack’s Back (Maybe)

Widely reported (including on Starburst) is the story that John Barrowman is to appear in the 50th Anniversary special as Jack Harkness (we assume). I also read somewhere I can’t find that Louise Jameson was talking about lots of actors being on standby for something. (Update – May 2013: we now know this won’t happen which is a shame.)

This gave me an idea – recently I posted a set of theories as to how to get all the Doctors in the Special in November and Aidan Brack (of the Chair With a Panda blog) came up with an interesting idea which I now shamefully steal re-purpose.

Warning, pure speculation follows…

The Idea

Aidan mention the Star Trek Deep Space 9 episode Trials and Tribble-ations in which characters were CGI-d back into the original Trouble With Tribbles footage to give a cross-over time travel story (I dislike both these stories). Aidan’s idea was to drop Matt Smith into Spearhead From Space as the footage is high enough definition to allow for SD (thought not 3-D I suspect).

On the idea that we are going to get more than one programme, possibly including animation as well, I wondered if Captain Jack could be hunting the Doctor through time and meet up with past incarnations. This would avoid Doctor timeline cross over. Not as good as lots of Doctors in the same place and time (maybe that’s what they will do – a story in the same place at different times) but could work.

I reflect that Steven Moffat did introduce us to Captain Jack in The Empty Child so anything is possible.

What do you think? Any other ideas?

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