Creating The Time Machine with Matt Fitton

Matt FittonWhen I was writing my StarBurst feature on the Destiny of the Doctor series I was lucky enough to get plenty of material from several people that I couldn’t use at the time. This was mostly around the Time Machine by Matt Fitton – at the time AudioGO had just run into trouble and it was unclear whether or not people would ever get their CDs.

Rather than have them remain unused I present them here. Enjoy!

Matt Fitton on the Time Machine

It was a real honour to be asked to provide the finale to the Destiny of the Doctor series to celebrate the 50th anniversary.


It helped having Matt’s performance right there in front of me, but then again, if I’m writing an old Doctor, I’ll put on a DVD for the same effect


At the time I wrote it, we hadn’t yet seen the Clara story fully play out on TV, and with that being a very tightly knitted arc of stories, I avoided any conflict there, simply by not including her as the companion. So the Doctor’s travelling on his own, fitting in somewhere before The Snowmen


…getting Jenna in to read it was fantastic and she does a great job of giving Alice – the companion figure for the story – a voice of her own. And her Doctor delivery is amazing.


I was very pleased to be allowed to use the anniversary date itself as the setting

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