Big Finish Companions Who-ology style

Companions MashupOne of the many things I like about Who-ology is the fascinating tables. I liked the table about the eventual fate of the companions so much I thought that I would produce my own for the Big Finish companions…

What ever happened to…

For the purpose of this analysis I have grouped the fate of the companions into:

  • Continues: still in the TARDIS
  • Died: probably casually killed in passing
  • Limbo: not sure as they haven’t been written out yet but haven’t appeared for a while
  • Noble death: died saving the day
  • Moved on: it stopped being fun, they fell out with the Doctor or wanted to seek a different future
  • Romance – got married or left for love (not necessarily the same)

Without further ado, here’s the table (Click to zoom):

Big Finish Companions

Please do let me know if this is of any interest and I may update it from time to time and work out a better presentation.

I do hope it is of some use!

5 thoughts on “Big Finish Companions Who-ology style

  1. I’ve had a few comments on this (thanks A J (aka @badwolf7010).

    Just to expand:

    1) yes I forgot Thomas Brewster and will update the graphic (he was in my research notes)

    2) Samson and Gemma – yes forgotten as well. In the back of my mind I thought they were pre- Big Finish but looking deeper I was wrong and they need adding in
    3) Frobisher – he was in comics in DWM so isn’t a pure Big Finish character so won’t be included
    4) Similarly before anyone asks Fitz and Izzy pre-date Big Finish though were in Company of Friends
    5) Bernice Summerfield – is in many audios though again isn’t a Big Finish creation

    Please point out any others!


  2. For Lucie Miller you can keep the notes as they are but I believe the cross should only be on noble death, as the table is stating the current status of the companion.


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