Who else might be Stranded with the eighth Doctor?

Doctor Who; Stranded 1

Here’s a 20,000 feet view of Doctor Who: Stranded 1 — the TARDIS is defunct, the Eighth Doctor, Liv and Helen are living in Baker Street with a set of new people. Two more familiar faces are also involved: the Curator and Sgt Andy Davidson. There are three more boxsets to come.

Question: will any more familiar faces appear?

Any more for Baker Street?

Before I start, I just want to make it clear this is entirely speculation. I’ve no knowledge of any more surprises, just a sense there may be more to come. I’ve made a list in alphabetical order rather than preference / likelihood or any more complicated algorithm. Some ideas are more outrageous than others. And no, unlike other posts it’s not yet another wish for Susan to appear. I also don’t think we’ll get River or any Master/Missy variants. I also don’t think Jo Martin will appear either!

I’ve done a handful; obviously I could go further, but that’s enough for now.


By the far the most likely (in my view) she has already appeared in Class and is in London at this time. There’s also no need for dodgy memory loss as she is from the Doctor’s past (at least). OK, I’m ignoring the Time War, but it’s a small thing to gloss over! And Hex is (presumably) alive with his family…


Possible, but I think not likely. We’ve not had a huge amount of Benny with the Eighth Doctor on audio, and she is capable of appearing at any time. She’s also busy with the unbound Doctor, and her appearance would need to avoid her being a way get the TARDIS fixed. It needs to be a problem fixed by the team, in my view.


Crazy? Well, Charley is currently stuck at the end of her second boxset and we’ve heard she will be rescued by the Eighth Doctor. Cue a badly malfunctioning TARDIS after a dodgy repair? It’s a curveball idea, but raises a lot of problems with the storytelling. There’s a lot cover off (Sixie, memory problems, her leaving the Eighth Doctor… I’ll be surprised. No issues with temporal sequencing.

DI Menzies

So Patricia Menzies should really be later, but I was trying to keep the sequence running. She’d around and may well be part of or working with Torchwood. You read it here first!


A real wild idea, but assume Flip gets back at some stage after her second stint with the Sixth Doctor. She would be contemporary, in London and part of the Eighth Doctor‘s history. She could appear but be back in London to raise a family so not want to travel again (at the moment!)

Too wild? Too random? Read on…

Jack Harkness

No. Well, obviously anything is possible, but imagine the retcon needed if Captain Jack pops in to Baker Street. Then again we’ve already got some Torchwood there…

The Meddling Monk

This is overdue. Last seen (in the Graeme Garden incarnation) he was responsible to a large extent for several massive personal tragedies for the Eighth Doctor. I’m surprised we haven’t had the Doctor actively looking for him in the many stories since Lucie Miller. Could he (or she I suppose) appear? Probably too big a story. Perhaps he’s in league with Thomas Brewster!


OK, I’ve gone a bit mad here. I wanted an A-Z. Still, he does sit inside your head…

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