What did the Sixth Doctor do for the show?

So, time to ask the same question I’ve already asked about the previous few Doctor incarnations: what did the Sixth Doctor do for the show? I’m not dwelling on the negatives, this isn’t another dig at Colin Baker’s time on TV, it’s about the positives and the noteworthy. Yes the context was bad, but there are still many things to enjoy.

The Sixth Doctor

Let’s list the stories:

StoryVillainOther notes
The Twin DilemmaGiant gastropods led by MestorAzmael the Time Lord
Attack of the CybermenCybermenForeman’s Yard, Telos, return of Lyton, Chamelon Circuit
Vengeance on VarosSilDodgy science with the Zeiton-7 ore
The Mark of the RaniThe Master and the RaniA new Time Lord and female for a change
The Two DoctorsSontarans and AndrogumThe Second Doctor and Jamie!
TimelashBoradHG Wells
Revelation of the DaleksDaleks, DavrosFlying Davros, Alexei Sayle and William Gaunt
Trial of a Time Lord (arc)ValeyardOne long arc, the Inquisitor
The Mysterious PlanetMad RobotSabalom Glitz, the Earth moving in Space, London Underground
MindwarpSil, KivBrian Blessed, the death of Peri (?)
Terror of the VervoidsVervoidsMel appears
The Ultimate FoeThe MasterPeri not dead, Sabolom Glitz, the Matrix

So, for all there aren’t many stories, there is plenty of creativity. The Sixth Doctor only met Cybermen and Daleks once each, the Master gets two appearances and there are any number of new Time Lords on offer, including the Rani and the Inquisitor. Sil is a well-drawn villain and also appears in Big Finish audios. Sabolom Glitz is a great character (yet to appear for Big Finish) and the Valeyard is interesting if controversial.

Whatever else was wrong, there were still ideas. It’s far from perfect, it draws in the show’s past regularly and is the source for the character who is at least as popular as any other incarnation of the Doctor for Big Finish.

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