Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 news

Over on FaceBook, Terraqueous Distributors has posted some amazing artwork from the upcoming Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989. From the pictures already posted, this annual promises to be something rather special. More news as it arises! +++ Message Ends +++

Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 scheduled

Over on FaceBook, Terraqueous Distributors has given September 2020 for the Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989. Impressive turnaround as the Unofficial Master Album 2074 only just came out! What’s next? Eighth Doctor Album 1996? War Doctor? Division Doctors? I can’t wait! === Message Ends ===

Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 revealed

At the bottom of their press information for today’s release of The Unofficial Master Annual 2074 Terraqueous has revealed something else – work has started on planning the Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989. This time the focus is on the Seventh Doctor. Wicked! More details as they appear. *** Message Ends ***

Doctor Who on Boxing Day?!

Good news, there will be Doctor Who on Boxing Day this year (2019). The (perhaps) less good news – it’s every available classic episode streamed on new service BritBox as reported on The Doctor Who Companion: EVERY SURVIVING EPISODE OF CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO COMING TO BRITBOX ON BOXING DAY. Enjoy! *** Message Ends ***

Andrew Cartmel and Sophie Aldred to talk Curse of Fenric

November 23 (!!) 2019 sees Andrew Cartmel and Sophie Aldred at the BFI screening of The Curse of Fenric, newly restored (and extended) for BluRay. Tickets cost £15 but sadly the event is sold out. Expect someone to record the Q&A for posterity. Details (in case tickets become available) here. ::= Message Ends =::

Black Archive: Battlefield released

The Black Archive continues apace with Battlefield released on August 8, 2019. I note it’s the 34th release in the range, an impressive (and ever-growing) total. Writer Philip Purser-Hallard shines new light on what I have to admit is one of my least-liked stories and I might even be tempted to reconsider my opinion!

New portraits of the Doctors

I’m a big fan of Doctor Who art work, so great news of new portraits for all (known, excluding the meta) incarnations of the Doctor by Jeremy Enecio. You can get the poster version from several places (including The DWC) or you get them individually…

What did the Seventh Doctor do for the show?

Ignoring the fact of the show’s cancellation after (during?) season 26, students of the show tend to regard the Seventh Doctor‘s era as a resetting of direction, a rethink of the mythos, even a regeneration. Does this stack up when you consider the stories? Let’s have a check check…

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy review

Back in the day (ie the 1980s) I was fast losing interest in Doctor Who but recent reappraisal of episodes from the time has left with with growing respect for the era. This time it’s The Greatest Show in the Galaxy I turn my attention to. I had little regard for it at the time…

Radio Times Seventh Doctor reviews

It’s July so time to think Seventh Doctor and I’m starting with a look at the Radio Times reviews for the original TV series, which you can find here: Sylvester McCoy 1987–1989.

Science of the Time Lords

If you can get to Leicester anytime over the weekend of 26-27 January 2019, why not pop along to the National Space Centre? Not only is it an interesting place in its own right, but (for the fifth year in a row I think) it wil be hosting a Doctor Who packed event Science of the Time…

Doctor Who back on Twitch Jan 2019

As reported on The Doctor Who Companion and elsewhere, there’s another run for Doctor Who on Twitch coming up. What’s worth calling out about their coverage is a full list of when each story will be broadcast (UK time focussed). See the details: DOCTOR WHO IS RETURNING TO TWITCH: HERE’S THE FULL JANUARY SCHEDULE. Just in time for my…