Theme for 2019

With Doctor Who very much not on our screens in 2019 (apart from later today!) I’ve decided I will theme the first few (seven) months of the year around the so-called classic Doctors. Each month I will look at some episodes from the relevant Doctor and post reviews and anything else of interest. I’ll weave in some…

New Seventh Doctor Comics for 2018!

Over on Amazon I’ve noticed a new Seventh Doctor novel series has been revealed, with the intriguing title of: Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor Volume 1. The intriguing bit is the Volume 1 and the list of authors! Looking closer it’s actually the already announced Titan Comics releases for later this year. Nearly!

R3 Podcast #3: The Kandyman

To mark its long overdue return in the Eighth Doctor boxset The Ravenous, here a few words about The Kandy Man! Much maligned, is he really a comic failure or just misunderstood? Let me know what you think in the comments! *** Message Ends ***