Radio Times Seventh Doctor reviews

It’s July so time to think Seventh Doctor and I’m starting with a look at the Radio Times reviews for the original TV series, which you can find here: Sylvester McCoy 1987–1989.

Seventh Doctor TV reviews

When looked at as a group, it’s just twelve titles and fits squarely on the screen. Looking back in hindsight, it looks like a full-stop for the series.

As to the reviews, I agree with 5* for Happiness Patrol (which I rate very highly) but feel Remembrance of the Daleks has been given short shrift. There are some important flaws as pointed out in the review.

They are all worth a read, extras are perhaps fewer and further between than previous Doctors, but do take a lot at the various on-set photos, including: Doctor Who: The Happiness Patrol rare on-set photos. They did (or rather the reviewer did) also rate Greatest Show in the Galaxy as 5*; I don’t think I agree with that. I’ve just rewatched that story and will be reviewing soon. Stay tuned!

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