Tom Price triggers more Torchwood news

Andy_Davidson_(Torchwood)In a suspiciously interesting chance phone call, BBC Radio Wales DJ Tom Price, aka Sgt Andy Davison from Torchwood, is disappointed not to be approached to be in the new Torchwood audios from Big Finish. What else is there to do but phone your old chum Kai Owen and find out what he knows? By chance Kai is on and the whole conversation is (for how long I don’t know) the subject of a BBC feature: Tom stages a Torchwood reunion Live on the Radio

The conversation with Kai

At first Kai pretends to not recognise Tom, then admits he has been asked to be in the audios (Rhyss Williams – tick). Other voices are heard, and guess what?! It’s Eve Myles and John Barrowman. They all happen to be together and all but confirm they are in the Big Finish audios (but not quite). There’s more, it turns out Naoko Mori is there.

The BBC has to be careful advertising spin-offs (even licensed) as it can’t recommend people buy anything to follow a TV show available to licence payers. I am amused this appeared just after my speculation about the cast and timing of the new audios.

I am surprised at Toshiko, pleasantly so and the whole casting puts this firmly in the territory of before the end of the second series, so my money is on series 1 timeline. Two things:

  • No Burn Gorman: as I said in the speculation piece, he is busy and I won’t be surprised if he is off stage (it would be great to have him appear)
  • No Gareth David-Lloyd: I can not imagine this timeline without Ianto.

So if we have six episodes, each with a central figure, it seems we have:

  1. Cpt Jack
  2. Gwen Cooper
  3. Rhys Williams
  4. Toshiko
  5. Sgt Andy
  6. Ianto

The last two might be guesses, and Sgt Andy appears instead of Owen, despite Tom Price claiming otherwise. I think this as Tim Price has already done two Big Finish audios (Vienna: The Memory Box, and a Counter Measures). This all looks like modern-Who style spin to me, and long may it continue!

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