Miracle Day: Episode 7

So when I can get to my PVR I have Immortal Sins to look forward to – just how much is Jack to blame for what has happened? I know that several reviews have claimed this as the best episode so far and that we have 1920s New York and more of Jack’s past to look forward to. Other than that Gwen kidnaps Jack in the naive hope that her family will be released. Tut, tut Gwen…

Immediate Reaction

Took too long to get to a rushed ending and apart from giving a lot of back story this was really a two hander for Jack and Gwen in the present. The back story was also too grim and (for my tastes) too focussed on the relationship between Jack and Angelo.

We also have a wave of ex-Star Trek actors – I note Nana Visitor and what looks like John de Lancie for next week.

The Good and the not so Good


  • The plot starts to get filled in
  • 1920s New York seemed convincing (though unpleasant)
  • Something for Andy the policeman to do

Not so good:

  • Grim scenes of the mass murder of Jack with knives
  • Gwen again guilty for loving the Torchwood experience
  • Very rapid ending with the police springing the Cooper family in time with the Esther / Rex rescue.


It would appear episode 8 will reveal a lot and it is all about alien tech (as though we didn’t know!). Not long now!

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