Miracle Day: Episode 8

With episode 8 we approach The End of the Road apparently, and with not long left the story needs to start to come together. What happened when Jack was re-united with Angelo? How many times did Gwen call Rhys and need to check the time difference? Was the episode any good? Well for my views, just read on…

Immediate Reaction


I liked this one, more action, plot revelation and a sense of the pieces lining up for the end game. It also appears that Jack was unwitting when he started this up back in the 1920s. Angelo did indeed survive only to die and Gwen has been dumped back to Wales (she must have a lot of air miles now!).

The Good and the not so Good


  • John de Lancie was brilliant as the CIA supremo
  • Layers of manipulation getting revealed
  • Some satire re: the economic crisis working in current events
  • The action and the dialogue were solid both in the CIA sequences and the Oswald Danes / Category 0 scenes.

Not so good:

  • Again the writers struggle to keep all four characters fleshed out – Gwen was very passive tonight
  • Angleo – how did he live just long enough to die now?
  • Why did the null-field device not allow Rex to die when he was near it?


With Jack badly wounded I expect next week to be a darkest before the dawn experience with the future looking bleak for all our chums. I predict Oswald will be the pivotal death in the last episode.

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