Miracle Day: Episode 6

No pre-amble this time as I was on holiday and am catching up with my blogging. What are you waiting for?

Immediate Reaction


I thought this was one of the better episodes with even Esther coming of age so to speak. All characters had something to do though how useful any of it was only time will tell. One thing for sure there are layers yet to be unpeeled from this particular onion [sorry for the naff analogy, brain still warming up from travelling!]. I actually find myself interested in what happens next!

The Good and the not so Good


  • Big dramatic shot with Gwen, motor bike and explosions
  • Esther has to take to the front line and stop hiding in admin
  • It tidied up from Episode 5 well
  • The mystery moves beyond PhiCorp and this was handled well
  • The end with Gwen getting all the bad news regarding her family – if you will travel back to Wales and catch up with relatives and not change your name!
Not so good:
  • I was peeved that someone can hack into the contact lenses. Not much of a moan really!


Episode 7 looks great on the trailer – Jack being the cause, Gwen betrays him and lots of back story. I can’t wait to get to my PVR!

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