Miracle Day: Episode 2

So tonight we in the UK can catch up with episode 2 of Miracle Day. Last week’s episode was mostly well received (at least as far as I can tell from twitter and the odd forum) with criticism here and there similar in places to my concerns from episode 1 (here) though I seem to be more bothered with the ‘head’ scene than others. Most common has been disappointment with the CIA agent – no doubt he will become a fan’s favourite!

Reaction to episode 2 from those in the US or who have streamed it from various places seems to be generally that this is better than the previous episode. Beyond that I will let you know later…

Immediate Reaction

Substantially better and took the time to start to form a new Torchwood gang whilst deepening the mystery and developing characters.

The Good and the not so Good

Good: Development of a range of characters from the nominal baddie (the paedophile), the CIA agent and to some extent Esther. We also get some more specific conspiracy around senior CIA agents. The doctor character also starts to become important to the plot. Excellent scene in the plane getting the antidote for Jack together.

Not so good: The PR character was suitably horrible but maybe will do something good in the end. Senior CIA bad guy was rather a stereotype – overweight and vicious. Some dodgy science to rescue Jack and some 80s morphic field theory |(which I recall used to be called morphogenic).


We know the awful implications of the situation will start sinking in and civil disorder is bound to erupt. The new Torchwood gang will start to peel through onion layers but we have yet to induct Esther into what is really going on. I certainly look forward more positively to the next episode than I did after episode 1. I now have more faith that they can sustain ten episodes.

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