Miracle Day: Episode 3

This week I have managed to stay away from spoilers (note to self – consider giving up work) and all I know is ‘the gang go on the run’ and Jack has to face Oswald Danes (I suspect this will be the first time of many). This episode also has a name ‘Dead of Night’. The picture suggests the CIA agent gets all the attention (note to self – learn names of new characters).

See you the other side…

Immediate Reaction

I feel oddly mixed; for almost half the episode I felt ‘so what’ as the characters had various long dark tea-times of the soul, then it seemed to click and start to get somewhere and pick up a narrative again. Overall it felt like pieces were all making moves on a chess board much of which we couldn’t see and even the characters themselves asked at more than one point whether this was actually Torchwood or just some people that were in Torchwood finding themselves in America.

The Good and the not so Good

Good: back with the magic contact lenses and some Torchwood software. Gwen getting an action sequence, Jack knocked off his pedestal and development of Rex (I remembered his name this time!). Oswald Danes is well executed (and yes he should be).

Not so good: too slow at the beginning, too much dark footage of alleyways and interiors. Very basic ‘big corporation = bad plot’ which I hope is a red herring. The new cult masks annoyed me as well – all identical no home-made ones which I think would be common until mass production. It has not been long either for them to get into production.


Picking round some postings I now find a lot of people summed this up as slow, I certainly had that opinion overall but not for the latter stages. I wonder how long Jack can keep being beaten up and the ‘I’m now mortal’ card being interesting. I also wonder if I would bother with any more of this were it not Torchwood?

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