Miracle Day: Episode 10

So tonight we face the final countdown with sacrifices to come and resolution which can only include Jack becoming immortal again and the end of the Miracle. Apart from that no doubt Gwen survives, the bad guys get their come-uppance and we sow the seeds of a future series.

Immediate Reaction

Well despite more holes than you could plug with an ancient planet piercing artefact I enjoyed this and yes room is allowed for a follow up. I saw the Rex ending coming and am fully convinced that there might be another series, though please not over as many episodes for one story!

The Good and the not so Good


  • Gwen as the action hero including shooting Jack
  • The scenes with Jack / Owen Daines and Owen Daines sort of finding salvation
  • The bomb in the CIA wasn’t avoided at the last minute
  • Enough characters left for a next series

Not so good:

  • All the bad guys stand around and allow Rex and Jack to save the world
  • What is it with Jack’s blood? How much did they have to start the Miracle? How did it survive from the 1920s? Jack himself said the blood isn’t special, yet it starts and stops the Miracle and (presumably) is why Rex becomes immortal
  • Why so few guards at the Blessing?
  • Where have UNIT been all this time? Was it too much to explain?
  • Surely the military (UNIT) will take over the Blessing?


I think it will come back but we need some real alien storied and not just the Families vs. Torchwood. Overall a good 6/10 with some episodes more like a strong 7 or 8.

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