Miracle Day: Episode 4

Again I have avoided spoilers from the US showing of this episode, though the name Escape to L.A. tells us certain things (what I don’t know!). I expect the cult will start growing and we will get more of the ‘bad drug company’ story line. I still feel this will be a red herring but who knows.

See you after Thursday…

Immediate Reaction

Bit slow still and the action sequence felt cumbersome but more of the characters are growing on me and I now am interested in following it through to the end which is a step forward!

The Good and the not so Good

Good: the Rex back-story is decent, the building of the conspiracy is working and we have dark hints about Jack being involved. The ‘next week’ seemed balanced to the length of the show and a proper focussed tease. I also liked Jack quoting Middlemarch.

Not so good: the IT security expert happily giving away voice and palm prints, starting to overuse the magic lenses and wearing thin on ‘how old is Jack’, ‘call you later’ and ‘you went to see your sister?’. Spinning triangle – masons?


So does Gwen race back to Wales? It is only episode 5 so the reveal that seems to be in the offing must be a dummy. Jack clearly gave some dodgy technology to someone at some stage but there will be more to this. If there will be more Torchwood there has also to be a way to re-generate Rex I would have thought.

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