Considering the Fifth Doctor

After the prolific and prolonged Fourth Doctor era, Peter Davison’s stint as the Fifth Doctor perhaps failed to hit the heights of previous incarnations. If you’re a modern Doctor Who fan you may not have much idea of the Fifth Doctor so why not pop over to DoctorWhoTV for a quick introduction.

What did the Radio Times make of the Fifth Doctor?

I always think it worth looking back at Radio Times reviews, and the overall sense for The Fifth Doctor is rather grim reading. A lot of one- and two-star ratings, though some obvious stand-outs such as Caves of Androzani, Kinda, Earthshock, and even The Awakening (which for me is just too much a remake of Daemons).

They give The Five Doctors a generous four-star rating, and this is one of the few reviews with some decent extras in the form of an Ian Levine interview alongside usual bits and bobs.

Overall though a sense the show was in decline (if you just count the ratings) and an era easy to dismiss. I think this is a view worth challenging – look out for some revisits of Fifth Doctor episodes.

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