Dalek Invasion of Earth 2150 AD (Blu Ray) reviewed

Anyone familiar with this blog will know that Dalek Invasion of Earth is one of my favourite stories as I explained in-depth in The One with the East London Docks!. With this being 2013, and the market being saturated with new and re-issued product, along comes that rarity of rarities a Doctor Who Blu-Ray! In a year that…

The Minister of Chance and Kitty

Minister of Chance – film announced

Fans of the Minister of Chance will be pleased to hear that Dan Freeman and his team are now moving on to the next stage of the Minister project – making the film! More details are available on the Starburst website or check out the Minister of Chance website or Facebook page! +++ Message Ends +++

White Witch of Devil’s End

Available to order now and released October 31 will be White Witch of Devil’s End the story of what happened to Miss Olive Hawthorne the aforementioned White Witch from the 1971 Third Doctor story Doctor Who and the Daemons. Reprising her role is Damaris Hayman and the DVD is the brainchild of Keith Barnfather and will presumably feature…

I need a Doctor

Visitors to this year’s (2013) Edinburgh Fringe might like to drop in on the Stormy Teacup Theatre’s production of I need a Doctor which will be held at the Pleasance Beside during the festival (August 2nd – 26th).