The AudioVisual Releases

Why would an unofficial set of Dr Who fan tapes be worth remembering all these years later? Well I can’t claim to have been a fan who bought them when they first appeared, but I have listened to them all (at varying quality) and they clearly have influenced Big Finish and even the modern TV show. Indeed it is clear that without these Nick Briggs and others would have taken more time to get their writing and production skills to the level they are today.

This blog category doesn’t intend to slavish review the whole set of releases (see for example but will pick out some themes and look in particular at those tales which became Big Finish releases (i.e. Mutant Phase, Sword of Orion, Minuet in Hell and Cuddlesome).

To pick an example quite early on the cassettes came with extras which are a mix of the podcast and CD extras which are now staple diet for Big Finish.

Anyway enjoy!

Update January 2013

I have recently begun a category called TAI to capture items that look like Doctor Who but are off the edge of where I think the line of canon should be drawn. Clearly AudioVisuals is over that line but I intend to keep it separate as:

  • There is enough to post specific to it
  • It has had a large bearing on Big Finish
  • It’s my blog!
Also I have spotted that the second series of the Fourth Doctor Adventures will have two tales drawing on some AudioVisuals material so expect some material to appear later in 2013.

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