Simon Guerrier on canon

0tralalaNothing starts off a Sunday morning like an essay on canon in Doctor Who! Writer Simon Guerrier (avatar on the left) has written a piece for his blog Nothing Tra La La! in which he gives us his views on this thorny topic. The article is one of a series of posts hence its name Doctor Who: 2009. He also drifts out of 2009 into the realms of Day of the Doctor and makes a great point at the end about community and the possibility of a shared ownership.


I think Simon makes some great points though as I mentioned in my piece What next for Doctor Who?  I can see fragmentation resulting. [pullquote]Maybe this is an parallel for the whole AudioVisual -> Big Finish journey?[/pullquote] For me there is an analogy with Open Source software which can be a real success but over time applications fork, variations wither on the vine and market forces determine the outcome.

I suggest you read Simon’s piece and leave him any comments.

Feel free to drop me a note as well!

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