Dimensions in Time 2?!

A picture of the TARDIS on the set of Coronation Street has appeared, prompting the thought this may be the long-awaited sequel to the seminal Dimensions in Time [note to self – write a review of this]. Is the Twelfth Doctor  hitting the cobbles is it all a children’s TV stunt (see the Huffington Post article). Moving the action to…

Continuity and Doctor Who

An interesting post on Kasterborous from James Baldock in which he asks: SHOULD DOCTOR WHO ABANDON CONTINUITY?  Why not have a read then come back?

Simon Guerrier on canon

Nothing starts off a Sunday morning like an essay on canon in Doctor Who! Writer Simon Guerrier (avatar on the left) has written a piece for his blog Nothing Tra La La! in which he gives us his views on this thorny topic. The article is one of a series of posts hence its name Doctor Who: 2009….

Canon – Legacy of the Daleks

I thought I would write what will no doubt be the first of many challenging posts on canon in Doctor Who. I have recently expanded my consumption of all things Doctor Who (see The Doctor and Me) to turn me more into a fan though still retaining my critical eye (I hope). Wading through the…