Billie Piper will not play the next Doctor shock

Quick off the mark, following the announcement of Peter Capaldi’s departure, Billie Piper has been asked if she will be playing the next incarnation of the Doctor. More interestingly she has come down firmly on the side of having a female Doctor next time round. Her thoughts are on the BBC: Doctor Who: Billie Piper says…

Rob Shearman talks with OU Who Soc

Many thanks to OU Doctor Who Society who let me attend a recent meeting where Rob Shearman was giving a talk. Apologies to Rob for the picture – it’s the best of the few I managed with my phone! If you ever get the chance to hear Rob talk, do take it — he’s very unassuming, has…

The Doctor Who Companion launches

March 26, 2016 saw the launch of a new blog – The Doctor Who Companion. If you want the full experience there’s the inevitable FaceBook page, and a twitter feed. There’s plenty of material to get stuck into already. Why not pop over and let me know what you think?

The almost Day of the Doctor

Full marks to Bleeding Cool for their article How Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Looked When Christopher Eccleston Was Still In It – And Billie Piper Wasn’t. Drawn from the recent release by storyboard creator Andrew Wildman of sketches from Day of the Doctor it gives a fascinating glimpse of the anniversary show we could have had.

Time Lord Letters reviewed on Starburst

I reviewed the rather delightful Time Lord Letters over on Starburst. This is a brilliantly simple idea brought to Doctor Who fans thanks to Justin Richards. If you want to more, the review is TIME LORD LETTERS. ::: Message Ends :::

Radio Times celebrates seven years of the Fourth Doctor

The Radio Times countdown continues with a nice piece of art (see left) marking the seven years of the Fourth Doctor’s tenure versus the more modern incarnations. All very good and the point on continuity is well made. Of course the longest gap between first and final appearance is Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor, and Sylvester McCoy also had a good…

Picture of Lily completes Churchill casting

After a week of cast reveals and excitement building, Big Finish topped off the hype for The Churchill Years with a surprise. Joining Ian McNeice (Churchill) and Kazran Sardick (Danny Horn) will be Holly Earl! Holly played Lily Arwell in The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe. The cast for this is now looking as strong as any…

Christopher Eccleston on leaving Doctor Who

Christopher Eccleston has talked (briefly) about leaving the show on the Radio 4 show Loose Ends. We all believed it was due to some unspecified dispute so this tells us little more. He did refuse the anniversary show so clearly it was a big deal. At least he is professional enough to refuse to be drawn…

New Who for Big Finish

Massive news from Big Finish today – MORE NEW SERIES DOCTOR WHO FROM BIG FINISH. Timed for the end of the month, and not leaked in the new DWM, this is huge change of scope for Big Finish as they incorporate more new era Who into their portfolio. There is far too much to talk about in…

Ten years of Captain Jack

It’s ten years since Captain Jack Harkness first appeared in The Empty Child with the Ninth Doctor and Rose. Lots of people marking this yesterday (May 21st) and for me, this Metro piece is as good as many of them: Captain Jack joined Doctor Who 10 years ago – John Barrowman’s best bits. Enjoy! <|> Message Ends <|>

Now Who is 10 – Happy Birthday, Rose

Here we are, March 26, 2015 and the regenerated Doctor Who is ten years old today. How did that happen? My own relationship with the show had floundered and this was a road to Damascus revelation (see About Me). I’ve only briefly reviewed Rose as part of the whole Ninth Doctor run, and one day might remedy that. This…

Radio Times vote for the best modern era episode

The Radio Times is having a vote for the best modern episode of Doctor Who. The reason? Why it’s almost ten years since the show returned on March 26th 2005. Wow! Just sit back and think about that for a moment. T e n  Y e a r s. Golly! Details are on the Radio Times website here.