Picture of Lily completes Churchill casting

Lily and ChurchillAfter a week of cast reveals and excitement building, Big Finish topped off the hype for The Churchill Years with a surprise. Joining Ian McNeice (Churchill) and Kazran Sardick (Danny Horn) will be Holly Earl! Holly played Lily Arwell in The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe.

The cast for this is now looking as strong as any Big Finish release and includes Emily Atack as Hetty Warner and many others.

Full details on the Big Finish site: DOCTOR WHO: LILY ARWELL JOINS THE CHURCHILL YEARS and all the cast / writers can be found on The Churchill Years. Three of the stories also bring in the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, though no signs of Eccleston, Tennant or Smith!

I note two of the stories now seem to have (at least indirectly) a Christmas connection (Kazran Sardick was in A Christmas Carol). I wonder if that tells us anything?

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